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17834965_1394462540575403_1375652333150629386_oI train for everyday life. The buzzword is commonly known as, “functional fitness.” Before I was a stay-at-home mom, I owned and operated a CrossFit gym in California for over seven years. Ever since I can remember, I have always been involved in sports and outdoor activities (Thanks, mom and dad!).

Owning a gym for that long, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. The biggest eye opener for me was just how broken the health & fitness industry is. Although well-intended by most, it is a multi-billion-dollar industry that feeds off of our fears and insecurities. Most of it is superficial, sex-driven, quick fixes, and short-term. There is a reason why every year we hear about a new diet trend, a new gym opening up, a new fitness class invented.

I want to share real-life health & fitness that is actually sustainable FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Fitness that is actually useful to our everyday lives and demands. A lifestyle that can be maintained through every stage of life, challenge, setback, and obstacle. Because let’s be honest, you will face them all at some point down the road. Instead of always giving up and losing everything you worked hard for because of a broken ankle or a bad divorce, let’s figure out a way to keep going. Life moves on with or without you. While you cannot control the rest of the world, you CAN control yourself – Your attitude, reactions, and actions.

Join me in a lifestyle of constant growth and self-improvement – Body, mind, and soul.

I’ll post a workout each day, and you’ll notice that the intentions of each workout will be different. This seemingly random programming actually has a purpose, though. Life is not set on repeat, therefore, our training shouldn’t be, either. Variety is the spice of life (and fitness)!

You’ll also notice that everything can be scaled up or down, as well as modified for any specific adaptations. Just because you can’t do pull ups yet, doesn’t mean you can’t do the workout with intensity. I’ll help you learn how to scale and modify each workout to meet your specific needs and abilities. Health & fitness is an all-access lifestyle, you just need the right coach and the right attitude!

Once again, my approach is health & fitness for everyday life. I do NOT train, eat, and program for competition, weight loss, muscle gain, or any of the other cliche goals that we’ve been programmed to buy into by the industry.

Life-long, sustainable LIFESTYLE.

No gimmicks, fads, trends, quick fixes, empty promises, 30-day challenges, or diet tricks. REAL LIFE.

I know that by taking the glamour, sex, and cool-factor out of the picture, this all sounds lackluster. But, my goal isn’t to sell you anything to make a profit. My goal is to help you live a quality of life that you deserve, and CAN achieve and maintain for the rest of your life.

We’re going to #bemorehuman together. I’m going to show you what real-life health & fitness looks like, and how much more satisfying it is to live than all of those before-and-after photos on Instagram!

Let’s get living!

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