About Kara

11536059_10206814376420981_3681991074962154429_nGrowing up, I participated in a wide range of athletics and activities, including ballet, soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and even piano.  In high school, I devoted most of my time to volleyball and swimming, and then once I hit college, I discovered the world of triathlons.

I went to Dominican University of San Rafael and obtained my B.A. in Psychology, and then later went back for my Teaching Credential.  For six years, I taught 1st and 4th grade in Corte Madera, and it was such a whirlwind of an experience that taught me a lot of lifelong skills.

One year, while teaching 1st grade, I discovered CrossFit through one of my students whose parents owned a gym in San Rafael and Corte Madera called TJ’s Gym.  My then boyfriend at the time (who is now my husband), Spencer, and I started in April 2009 together, and have never looked back since!

It was six months after we started CrossFit that I truly realized how life-changing it was, though.  Spencer and I were getting married in October 2009, and when I first bought my dress in May, it fit perfectly.  Then, when I went in for my final dress fitting in September, I was suddenly two sizes smaller!  However, I still weighed the exact same!  I had leaned out and gained a lot of muscle over the past six months, and never really realized the changes until that very moment.  It was also then that I realized the scale in the bathroom meant nothing, and I threw it away!

In 2010, Spencer and I moved back to my hometown, bought our first house, and started doing small group workouts at the local parks with some friends.  What started out as just a few of us, soon grew into 10 people, which then climbed to over 20 people, and we had to take the next steps.  So, we made ourselves official, got our affiliate name, “CrossFit 707,” I quit my teaching job, and eventually we opened up our first box in June 2011.  Our “family” continued to grow and grow, and after only two years we had to find a bigger facility.  We are now happily nestled in a larger “home away from home,” and continue to grow and change lives together.

This blog is about my own personal changes through life and CrossFit.  I have always had a passion for writing, and I enjoy sharing life experiences with others.  I am blunt, transparent, and completely human, which means that I still make mistakes to this day.  I do not strive for perfection, but rather compassion and understanding.  Each day, I am trying to be a better version of myself than yesterday.  And, now that I am a mother, I am also trying to be a great role model.

When I was in high school, I had a traumatic experience, which stunted my personal growth and development, and lead me into various other painful events and relationships.  For many years, I suppressed and pretended.  I struggled with internal demons.  Through CrossFit, therapy, and a lot of personal hard work, I have rediscovered myself, and have finally found the courage to face and overcome my past.  Through this blog, I hope to not only share my lifelong journey with you, but to also empower and inspire you.

We are not alone in this world.  Everyday, we fight battles.  Those battles can either teach us and grow us, or damage us.  I allowed them to damage me for far too long, so here I am today, growing and learning, and sharing it all with you. 🙂


One thought on “About Kara

  1. Hi! I’m a blast from your past! Hope all is well! Looks like you’re doing great for yourself and have a wonderful family! Your daughter is adorable! Take care!

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